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Tongue Tie Release.

Help your baby thrive.

We use advanced laser technology to fully release your infant's tongue tie in a precise, quick, and sedation-free procedure.


Signs and Symptoms Are More Important Than Appearance

Does Your Baby Have A Tongue Tie?



-Katy P.

Getting my 5 week old's revision done by Dr. Zink was life changing for all of us.

She was able to breastfeed within 1 week and healed up perfectly!

So grateful for Dr. Zink's skill and ability to perform full frenectomy on infants.

He is the only one in Treasure Valley!!

Thanks Dr. Zink!"

-Katelyn L.
"Thank you SO much!! 

Thank you for helping our sweet girl.
I appreciate it beyond words.
She is a much happier little baby nowadays"


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